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Hello, I am Michelle Griffiths

A little about myself the founder of MBS.

I have been an avid Yogie since I was five and in my early teens, began Pilates to deal with the fact that I was born with Rotated Tib and Fib, Rotated ankles and knees effecting my hips and more, plus Hypo-mobility with abnormal muscle formation problems “E.D.S” effecting my daily life…  which was a constant battle with rehab. After years spent in & out of hospital, I turned to yoga & Pilates as a solution to my pain. Together, they worked so well, I was pain free by the time I was 20 and my posture was corrected as much as it could be. As I have got older it is harder, however if it wasn’t for yoga and pilates I wouldn’t be as mobile as I am today.

Call Me On: 07769996438

What new at MBS

Starting in January 


Yoga for general anxiety disorder. 

For enquires get in touch, this is a FREE 10 week course. This course was a great success, depending on the new government we will not know if this is repeated to support out NHS. 

Accredited Teacher training courses 

Pilates level 3 next course starting in 2025

BWY level 4 in yoga our next course is 2026 

BWY Foundation yoga course starting in 2025

FaME falls prevention is on hold until referral system is in place updates via Barnsley council and Age UK.

Apply now for more information 

Information on classes

Old and new students are welcome in 2024.
If you are not an existing student of MBS or haven’t attended for 2 years you will need to fill in a medical Health questionnaire which will be sent to you by email, or you can fill one in at the studio. Once booked onto a class, do return the HQ by email before attending  the live stream class or studio class, or bring with you. Please email me for more information 

JUST £7 PER HOUSEHOLD FOR ONLINE THROUGH ZOOM FROM ANYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD. So far we have had people tune in from Australia, France, even Bermuda.

OR £7 PER PERSON IN THE STUDIO, you can bring your own mat, or you can use one of our sanitised mats, all equipment is provided and sanitised. 

Recorded class also available using the booking tab above. Only £7 for six days use as much as you like. 

Always read the Terms of conditions of booking a class, workshop or event at MBS. Located at the bottom of each page.

Please note class bookings have cancellation deadlines if you wish to move your booking, or request a recording instead if you can not make it, please note all payments of bookings are none refundable if you can not make your class. (Bank, Card, System fees have already been taken) 

Studio classes – to book a studio class, classes will show up to one week ahead on the booking system for example -: Monday evening after class,  We will add the remaining spaces available for the week after. 


Ashtanga Yoga – is a powerful yoga style for intermediates. Our Saturday class at 9.30am a challenging class which will help you grow weekly, developing your practice. 

Hatha yoga Ha meaning Sun and Tha meaning Moon, daily classes Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm covered Hatha, Raja, Yin, Kundalini, and more yoga styles combined with Mudra, Bandha, Pranayama, Meditation and so much more. Including Mondays at 10.30am and Saturdays at 11am. 

Please take a look at our Gallery for photos and more. 


Pilates creator was Joseph Pilates,  born in Germany in 1883. The original name he gave his method was ‘Contrology’ which was replaced with ‘Pilates’ after his death in 1967. A Legacy of 34 original exercise which today have been broken down in to hundreds, for rehabilitation, beginner, intermediates and advanced students.  

We have daily classes Monday to Wednesday at 6pm for all levels including Monday and Wednesday at 12.15pm for rehab, and beginners. 

To book please use the booking tab and select Pilates or the calendar Please take a look at our Gallery for photos and more. 


Mindfulness is featured in all our Yoga classes, being in your present moment, here and now, not thinking about the past or worrying about the future. Our Tuesday evening 7.30pm online or in the studio class focuses more on this subject, Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga , the power of Mudra and pranayama with gentle asana. 


The workshops and events you can now book for Online spaces to partake from the comfort of your home, or a Studio space to enjoy the atmosphere of the event.

Please take a look at via our Events tab- workshops or Gallery showing photos from past  – Workshops, Courses & Retreats

What Our Students Have to Say

Book an Class, a 1-2-1 Private Group or make an enquiry.

Phone: 07769996438

Training & Qualifications

MBS awarded top spot again for 2023 the eighth year in a row

MBS have received the top spot with 'Three Best Rated' website for a number of years, we would like to thank, past, present, and future students for their support and such positive feedback over the years which gives us such awards. Thank you .